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“The lack of regulation does not imply that mobility apps are illegal”: Alianza In • ENTER.CO

Mobility apps in Colombia have been in the eye of controversy for many months. From the transporters union they are accused of being illegal and some entities have imposed heavy penalties on these applications. Given this scenario, we spoke with José Daniel López, director of Alianza In, to find out his position on the matter.

“The lack of regulation does not imply that mobility apps are illegal”, he states specifically and explains it based on the fact that the operation of this type of app in Colombia is within the legal framework because “it is a sector that pays taxes”. Particularly in mobility apps “they are protected by a principle of international law that is the neutrality of the internet.” But in addition, “they operate on the principle of the Colombian transport mobility standard, which is the figure of renting a vehicle with a driver.” However, he recognizes that a specific regulation is needed and as a union they are ready to accompany this regulation. He believes that with the arrival of the new president Gustavo Petro, and with his cabinet, the conditions are in place to advance in this direction.

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For López, the collaborative economy digital platforms mean an opportunity for hundreds of thousands of Colombians to formalize. And given this, he considers that there is “a greater challenge, which is to understand the magnitude of what the collaborative economy means for Colombia.” He is based on the results of a survey carried out during the pandemic by Fedesarrollo, the collaborative economy meant income for at least 150,000 families. This same study shows that 44% of the collaborators of these platforms indicate that if they were not on a digital platform they would be unemployed. Many of them value working on this type of platform due to the new flexibility conditions offered by these models.

Given this scenario, José Daniel López, as director of Alianza In, hopes that a constructive dialogue can be carried out with the new national administration that will definitely lead to regulatory dialogues in which the potential of collaborative economy platforms for development is understood. country.

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