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The keys to prevent thieves from stealing your car this summer

In our country, according to RACE data, 120 cars are stolen every day. But in summer, the number of robberies skyrockets in certain places… We indicate five keys that you must follow so that thieves do not make your summer bitter.

According to the data handled by RACE, but also by the different insurers that operate in our country, Every year in our country, around 42,000 vehicle thefts take place, which means that thieves seize 120 cars every day. The worst thing is that, in summer, and because people are careless or forced to park in areas that are not highly recommended, the number of robberies skyrockets.

And beware, because this crime occurs especially in parking lots located near the beach or in large shopping centers. And also pay attention when you go to refuel, because if you leave the car unlocked while you do it… or you go to pay for fuel, you may find that, on the way back, the thieves have been able to steal various objects from inside your vehicle.

You should know that once your car is stolen, it can have different destinations, depending on the model in question. According to police sources consulted by Autofácil, brand vehicles premium o Higher-priced, luxury models are often stolen for sale in Eastern Europe or North Africa; while in the case of the most popular models, they can be stolen for parts or to commit crimes without the criminals having to use a vehicle associated with them.

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The tips you should follow to avoid car theft

In any case, the methodology of the thieves is changing and, in many cases, they are caused by the oversight of their own drivers, who hand it to the thieves. In this sense, getting out of the car with the engine running is one of the situations in which the most thefts take place, since the thieves only have to get into the car… and leave.

In any case, we leave you the four tips that you should keep in mind so that your car does not get stolen or, at least, to make it more difficult for friends of others.

  1. Always carry your car keys with you and never get out of the vehicle with the engine running. Not even to open the garage door, when washing it or at a gas station.
  2. When you drive around the city, always do so with the door lock on And keep the windows up. This way you will avoid that at a stop or a traffic light a thief can steal objects such as a bag, something you carry on the seats…
  3. Make sure you always lock your car once you’ve parked it. And especially, if you do it using a remote control key. It is relatively common that, in the parking lots of large shopping centers or parking areas near the beach, criminals can, with an inhibitor, intercept the signal that the key sends to lock the car. If they succeed, the car will not be locked, so they can access the interior immediately.
  4. Choose well the place where you park. Avoid leaving the car in dimly lit areas such as vacant lots, where there is not much pedestrian traffic and, above all, avoid leaving valuables in sight once you park. Keep an eye on the ground where you want to park, as the presence of glass or pieces of plastic is a sign of vandalism or frequent theft.
  5. Place a lock. Although virtually none are foolproof, they are a highly effective deterrent; be it a mechanical anti-theft, a GPS… The question is easy: if your car has an anti-theft element and the one next to it does not; thieves will usually choose to take what they can steal more easily and quickly.

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