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The Island Sweden 2023 – all participants in season 2

Three weeks on a deserted island far out in the Pacific Ocean. Harsher weather and harder to find food. This is promised when the viewer success The Island Sweden returns to discovery+ and Channel 5 for a season two of the survival show.

Photo: Kanal 5

Season 1 of The Island Sweden with among other things Maria Montazami and Lisa Ajax captivated the audience week after week and quickly became the most streamed local production on discovery+ after the premiere.

Now the viewer success returns and this year’s participants to take on the great adventure far out in the Pacific Ocean are none other than Emma Igelström, Marcus Schenkenberg, Lasse Kronér, Linda Pira, Dragomir Mrsic, Magdalena Kowalczyk and Dermot Clemenger.

Photo: Linus Bokehsius/Kanal 5

– The challenge in The Island Sweden was definitely something I wanted to experience. I love exposing myself to things that are out of my control and that I haven’t done before and this is soooo far out of my comfort zone. For the first time, I wanted to make a program where there were no competitive elements and I am so much more as a person than just a competitive person, which I want to show, says Emma Igelström.

Photo: Linus Bokehsius/Kanal 5

On a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean – completely isolated from the outside world – surrounded only by the forces of nature, our participants must live without food, water or other necessities. For three weeks, they have to deal with hunger, wild animals and the challenge of living together in extreme circumstances all on their own – completely without the comforts of their normal life. Will our celebrities cope with all the stresses and challenges that the island has to offer?

In this year’s season, the participants will live three weeks on a new island that is both more dangerous and more challenging than the previous season.

Participant The Island 2023

Emma Igelström, 42, former swimmer

Marcus Schenkenberg, 54, model

Lasse Kronér, 60, presenter

Linda Pira, 37, artist

Dragomir Mrsic, 52, actor

Magdalena Kowalczyk, 43, presenter

Dermot Clemenger, 49, dancer and television profile

When does The Island 2023 premiere?

“The Island Sweden” premieres February 2 on Discovery+ and Kanal 5.

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