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The importance of having greater benefits in the best companies

We spend at least 40 hours each week at our workplace. For this reason, we increasingly value well-being and happiness in organizations.

Many of the best companies They bet on Employer Branding – the organization’s reputation for its employees. This is one of the most effective strategies for attracting and retaining talent.

Therefore, nowadays we see that many companies have to pull their imagination to be able to give their workers the best perks.

It is based on the principle that happy employees they will do a better job, make the company more productive and raise its image in the market when they talk about it or represent it to stakeholders.

What do greater benefits translate into in the best companies?

happy at work

Greater benefits in the best companies are commonly translated into what is called an “emotional salary”. This concept is precisely in line with the idea of ​​investing in the appreciation of talent, and goes far beyond mere monetary compensation. In turn, when we talk about emotional wages, we can be talking about important benefits for the well-being of workers, such as:

This bet on the part of large companies is not by chance – it is actually a demonstration of vision and strategy within the reach of the best.

Good leaders of large companies know that offering certain types of benefits to workers that go beyond the salary can have a very significant impact on the quality of their work, and on their relationship with the institution, in terms of loyalty, commitment and dedication.

Greater benefits in the best companies – examples

  • Offer company assets to workers, that is, a financial participation. This is a way to attract the best talent without having to talk about salary increases;
  • A paid leave;
  • A good and complete health insurance, covering various aspects such as vision, hearing, life insurance, etc.;
  • A free lunch during the week;
  • Classes/trainings/workshops focused on elements not directly related to work;
  • Gym attendance offers;
  • Possibility of doing sport;
  • mental health prevention services;
  • Greater flexibility of schedules;
  • Licenses to care for pets;
  • Improved licenses for mothers and fathers to take care of their children.

Why is it so valued to give greater benefits in the best companies?

There is a common belief on the part of companies that people are their most valuable asset.

The greatest benefits in the best companies are highly valued because there is an awareness that there are important things for a worker’s life that money cannot buy.

Furthermore, just the fact that companies provide certain types of experiences to workers demonstrates a concern, an almost familiar closeness to their body of work.

What strategies do the best companies use to work?

More than a good salary, excellent working conditions!


If one Google contributor passes away, half of your salary will continue to be paid to your spouse for another 10 years! But there’s more: all company employees have access to a distraction room, massages, free lunch and dinner.


This company offers each of its employees a budget of $2,000 a year to travel and stay at any property registered on the AirBNB platform.


In addition to extended parental leave, this company offers career coaching to support new parents in the process of reintegration into the Labor Market.


Twitter offers classes of improvisation, three services of catering diaries and treatments acupuncture in the company.


The world’s largest social network provides employees with four thousand dollars of “baby cash”that is, a deposit of $4,000 for those who have recently become parents.


This company has a soft skills academythe “Evernote Academy”, where activities that promote team spirit and the personal and professional development of employees are carried out.


Netflix encourages birth offering one year of maternity and paternity leave, with the right to return to work full-time or part-time, as desired, during the year following the leave.

In short, an attractive salary is not enough. The best companies to work for, in addition to all the advantages listed, should be characterized by:

  • Ethics and honesty of employees, especially top managers;
  • Involvement in social responsibility and community impact projects;
  • Quality and aesthetics of the facilities;
  • Commemoration of special events;
  • Flexibility of hours;
  • International career development opportunities;
  • Continuous training and learning;
  • Medical support;
  • Maternity leave period longer than provided for by law.

Now that you know the best companies to work for, don’t wait any longer: send your application! But beware – the standards are high. Good luck!

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