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The importance of choosing inclusive professions

In this article we will find out how inclusive professions can be of vital importance to the world of work and beyond.

When everyone is included, everyone wins – this old maxim seems to be increasingly internalized in much of the world of work these days.

Fortunately, there currently seems to be a mentality that is increasingly receptive to breaking certain taboos and prejudices, in terms of diversity in hiring by companies. The existence of more and more inclusive professions is a clear sign of this.

What are inclusive professions?

At inclusive professions are those that promote and apply equal opportunities for all people, including those who have some type of difficulty, such as those with physical disabilities.

Being inclusive is much more than an intention, or an ideal. In order for inclusive professions to prevail, companies need to adapt and take several measures related to their structure, such as:

  • Flexibility of hours;
  • Investment in technology and equipment so that people with disabilities can perform their duties with maximum comfort;
  • Adherence to teleworking so as not to force people with difficulties to travel to the workplace.
IRS for people with disabilities

The importance of inclusive professions

Inclusive professions are more than a trend – they are a sign of the times, yes, and they seem to be here to stay.

Perhaps it can be considered that the commitment to diversity and inclusion is a result of some cultural and social advance on the part of a faction of the world of work that wants to be at the forefront, and that above all has already realized how important and beneficial it can be for all actors in the labor market.

It is rare for new companies, namely start-ups, that do not have diversity and inclusion as essential values ​​– this reveals a new attitude towards most traditional companies, which in turn are also waking up to this modus operandi.

Inclusive professions with solid foundations

This way of being, in fact, begins to reveal itself in the recruitment processes.

All these companies already know that diversity promotes a stronger workforce and workplace culture. This is proof that it is not enough for companies to want to implement values ​​such as inclusion – they start building it right away in the recruitment process.

What are inclusive professions?

  • Administrative assistant
  • Office Assistant
  • Bank Clerk
  • Systems Development Analyst
  • receptionist
  • Administrator
  • Human Resources Analyst
  • Nurse
  • Commerce Seller
  • Telemarketing operator

Advantages and benefits of inclusive professions

There seems to be a clear awareness that inclusive professions bring benefits to the health of companies and the economy in general. Here are some of the benefits of inclusive professions:

  • Hiring people with different skills and experience helps you build better products, make better decisions, and better serve customers.
  • Inclusive hiring translates into greater employee retention and productivity and a host of other organizational benefits.
  • Better reputation for the company.
  • The company becomes more attractive to top talent.
  • Greater propensity for work to be more innovative.
  • It brings more capacity for growth and sustainability to companies.

Learn to identify the signs of inclusive professions

When a company promotes inclusion, there are several signs that, from the moment of hiring, can be visible to job seekers.

Here are some of them:

  • The company has a website prepared to be viewed and browsed by people with some type of disability, which demonstrates that hiring is accessible to all candidates. The language is inclusive, and expresses the institution’s appetite for diversity. Instead of using generic archival images, the site focuses on disclosing real images of the company, in which its workers appear.
  • The fonts used on the site are anti-dyslexia and different types of content are available, such as videos, informative documents in different file formats, etc.
  • Videos are careful to be presented with subtitles, sign language, and other transcripts. the images always have alternative texts, and the color contrast follows the standard norms.
  • The process of recruiting new workers uses all possible means, such as online (internet, mobile devices, social networks, etc.), but also face-to-face events, such as lectures, trade fairs, workshops, etc.
  • Inclusion is part of the brand itself and its communication. The company, for example, uses social media frequently to show that it hires people of all kinds.
  • The company bets on products accessible to all types of customers. For example, when a banking institution launches a credit card with no fees or annuity, contrary to what is traditional.
  • The company’s recruiting panel bets on diversity, by introducing people of different ages, social backgrounds, different cultures, races, etc.

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