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The ideal taco of your zodiac sign to celebrate the Independence of Mexico

The 212th anniversary of the Cry of Independence of Mexico is celebrated this September 16 And to commemorate this event in the best way, astrology tells us which taco is the ideal for our zodiac sign.

Although Mexican cuisine is one of the most diverse in the world, the taco, a typical dish that consists of wrapping practically any food in a tortilla and seasoning it with hot sauce, is the most emblematic of the Aztec country.

There is a wide variety of tacos and astrologers told the Best Life site Which one would your zodiac sign like the most?.

As a fearless sign who likes to start the day off right, astrologers recommend some delicious egg tacos for breakfast. If you add avocado and bacon they will be more delicious.

It is a sign with a demanding palate so the roast beef taco It will be the one that will meet your expectations the most. You can combine it with some delicious beans and fine herbs.

Birria tacos are ideal for this ingenious and sociable sign. Birria is a goat stew seasoned with slightly spicy aromatic chilies. You will certainly like Gemini.

The most sentimental sign of the zodiac needs some tacos that connect with their emotions. Campechanos, which consist of the combination of two different meats such as flank steak and longanizaare the ideals for this sign.

The sign of the lion ruled by the Sun you need an authentic and powerful dish, that’s the famous tacos al pastor. In central Mexico it is one of the favorite street foods that consists of slow-cooked pork meat and onion, cilantro and pineapple on top.

Perfection is synonymous with Virgo and there is no taco more suitable for the sign of the virgin than pork carnitas. This taco is served in freshly made tortillas and is seasoned with onion, cilantro, and hot sauce.

Astrologers say that Libra enjoys social gatherings so he is given to being the organizer of the Mexican party. For this reason he recommend preparing some delicious nachoswhich although it is not a taco as such, it does have all the ingredients.

As a complex and mysterious sign, the most suitable taco for Scorpio is barbecue.. It is lamb or sheep meat traditionally prepared in a hot pit, wrapped in maguey leaves and cooked in its own juices.

The adventurous Sagittarius has the perfect taco: the cochinita pibil. It is one of the typical dishes of the Yucatan Peninsula that has as special ingredients axiote, red onion and habanero sauce.

This sign is traditional and a lover of the classic, so the taco deal for him is the steak one. It is one of the most common in all of Mexico and the most basic.

Aquarius is not a sign that follows the rules, so it needs an equally irreverent dish. Thus exotic tacos such as grasshoppers or maguey worms They will be ideal for this air sign.

As a water sign, the fish has a great predilection for sea food. The weathered shrimp taco is the ideal alternative for Pisces.

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