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The Humla payment card includes Pinchos as a partner

Fintech company Humla is expanding its partner portfolio with the innovative restaurant concept Pinchos, which means that it is now expanding its offer in restaurants.

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– In the market research we have done, we have seen that our target group is in demand for Pinchos as a partner for the Humlakortet. With its unique restaurant concept and a strong national presence, we look forward to Humla card users having additional reasons to visit Pinchos, says Camilla Tullberg Wengholm, Chief Commercial Officer, at Humla.

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– We at Pinchos like to try new things and be close to our customers. We think Humla has an exciting product that both creates new loyalty and marketing opportunities and can give us partners valuable insights into new trends and needs in the target group, says Viveca Järhult, Chief Marketing Officer at Pinchos.

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