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The House of Famous 3: Paty Navidad says that she is “Pleiadian” and that she is not of this world

It’s been just under a week since Patty Christmas income to ‘The House of the Famous‘in its third season and it is already giving people something to talk about, since the controversial inhabitant caused a stir among her colleagues and followers after assuring that is “pleiadian”or what is the same, a being that comes from a star system far from planet Earth.

Last January 17 Paty Navidad entered the Telemundo rality amid threats to her colleagues, as she assured that she is determined to respond with what she finds, they could even awaken “her demons” since she does not like hypocrisy, falsehood or “double or triple face” people.

And although the statements aroused all kinds of reactions, now the actress and singer from Culiacán, Sinaloa, unleashed ridicule on social networks for assuring that she comes from the Pleiades, which, according to experts on the subject, is a stellar ensemble of the who come from beings whose objective is to help humanity in its process of spiritual transformation.

The talk started when Osmel Sosusa He asked her where she comes from, to which she immediately replied without hesitation that she is “playadiana”, but there are people who confuse her with other types of beings.

I feel like I’m not from this world, well I feel like I’m more of a playadiana that anunnaki, although some call me reptilian,” she said with a laugh.

In addition, the actress spoke of her “gifts”, of which she assured that she has always been aware and therefore has the opportunity to develop them.

“We are all light and dark, all of us. Nobody lights up by fantasizing figures of light, but by making your darkness aware, ”she added to her comments, completely surprising her other colleagues who listened carefully.

The ‘House of Famous 3’ video published on Instagram divided opinions, because while some users agreed with the Mexican, assuring that she is very well informed, that her level of awareness is higher and that they fully respect her ideas, some more mocked her, assuring that they are simple “occurrences ”.

“This lady did loosen her screws”, “Not everyone in the world is prepared for these issues”, “She is super funny”, “Well, she is crazy as she says”, “She knows much more than all of us and if I explain it very well”, “What is is very crazy”, were just some messages that appear in the comments section.

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