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The House of Celebrities: This was the humorous kiss between Aylín Mujica and Arturo Carmona | VIDEO

In “The House of the Famous” third edition things continue to rise in tone and this time they were Aylin Mujica Y Arturo Carmona who made things very hot in this reality show after a tremendous kiss that they gave in front of all their classmates.

The famous actors took to another level what at first would be a tender kiss. During a game of “Truth or Dare” The Cuban actress lost and as punishment “La Materialista” told her that she had to kiss the soap opera heartthrob.

Although the actress was dissatisfied with her punishment, her attitude changed when she approached Arturo Carmona. Well, while some told them to give her a little kiss on the nose, she smiled at him and between shouts they gave each other a passionate kiss..

Mujica walked away blushing and the rest of the participants applauded, qualifying the moment with 10. What unleashed Internet users on social networks to point out that it is a strategy between Mujica and Carmona to be able to have an intense romance to be able to stay until the end as in past editions has happened with other artists.

Just a few days ago the ex-husband of the singer Alicia Villarreal, whose divorce the actor recently recalled through tears. He revealed in a chat with some of his colleagues that he was interested in one of the participants.

Although he did not reveal who it was, since it was evident that it was not Aylín Mujica, although the chemistry between them with the kiss would show that he is not indifferent.

In the meantime, The host could also have shown interest since just a few days ago the public noticed how close she was to see Arturo Carmona when he gave her a foot massage. The spark was lit between the actors, but they still have to fight to stay on the reality show.

The third season of this reality began on January 17 in apparent tranquility. But as the days go by, strategies and alliances emerge with which the participants fight for the coveted prize that is equivalent to just over 2 million dollars. Same as Alicia Machado and actress Ivonne Montero already took in the first two broadcasts.

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