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The House of Celebrities: Paty Navidad confesses to having supernatural powers | VIDEO

Patty Christmas is becoming a more than important character in “The House of Famous” in its third editionWell, with his revelations he is giving a lot to talk about.

On this occasion, the Mexican actress left all her followers shocked after assuring that she has powers of telekinesis and telepathy.

These revelations by Paty Navidad were issued during a discreet chat she had with Osmel Sousa, in which the producer confessed to the actress that on some occasion he had a kind of premonitory dream.

So the presenter also entered into confidence and was honest, pointing out that she has also had similar episodes. Well, she was able to see who were the people who spoke ill of her when criticism rained down on her for her position on Covid-19.

At another point in the talk, Paty Navidad took advantage of the fact that she was talking about Covid-19 and pointed out that during her contagion several celebrities wished her death.

But those who wanted to see her badly ended up dead, although he did not want to reveal names because they are very important personalities in the artistic environment.

“All the people in the middle who jumped on me because of the Covid-19 and who said that I hopefully died, died, I am not telling you names because they were well known, several.”


Navidad also ensured that in the most intense moments of criticism against him for his position before the Covid-19 developed powers of telekinesis and telepathywhich have allowed her to know who are the people who really support her and who are her detractors.

“When they were bombarding me, telekinesis and telepathy developed. And I read you and I answered you, so I began to discover who was with me and who was not ”


This was stated by the driver, who impressed Osmel Sousa, who recognized her as a seer and even recommended that she work with her powers.

In the words of the also Venezuelan businessman, Paty Navidad assured that since she was a child they have called her a witch because she has precisely shown her extraordinary psychic abilities.

In addition, she mentioned that since she was very young, she also began to have dreams that she remembers perfectly in which she was abducted by aliens.

“I am telling you that since I was a child they called me a witch in my house because I have many, many anecdotes that I can tell you, for which they called me a witch. I have dreams since I was 3 years old that I remember perfectly clearly, as if they had happened yesterday, and dreams of abductions.”

As it was expected, Paty Navidad’s words had a great impact and all kinds of criticism against the actress was generated on social networks. Who in just one week on the Telemundo reality show has become one of the public’s favorites due to the multiple controversies that she has starred in.

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