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The House of Celebrities: Jenni Rivera manifests herself to Juan Rivera | VIDEO

Juan Rivera will give away some Jenni Rivera sofas.

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In “The house of celebrities” there is still a bit of everything, and this time john riverabrother of Jenni Riverawould have lived a paranormal moment in the controversial reality show with his deceased sister.

Despite being one of the first nominees for La Casa de los Famosos, also, Juan Rivera He became the first saved by the public because he is earning their affection, as well as that of his teammates.

Throughout his stay at La Casa de los Famosos, the youngest of the Riveras has talked about some things about his famous sister Jenni, who apparently went to visit him.

Some days ago Juan Rivera shared with some of his colleagues from La Casa de los Famosos 3 the moment so strong that he lived the day he found out about the death of his sister.

As well as the day he and his brothers went to the scene of the accident to place a wooden cross.

After these stories in which Juan Rivera remembered his sister and also said that “La Diva de la banda” will be a legend and a great star of regional Mexican music, it seems that Jenni Rivera went to visit her brother.

Juan is one of the members of La Casa de los Famosos who wakes up the earliest, so he takes the opportunity to make coffee. While all the other participants slept, the best of the Riveras realized that there was a very special visitor that only he was able to notice..

It was a small monarch butterfly, which was on the floor of La Casa de los Famosos and before someone carelessly did anything to it, Juan went directly to it and took it in his hand.

The butterfly, as if it knew that they would not do anything to it, remained still, so Juan stared at it and despite the fact that he did not say anything. He surely remembered his sister because Jenni Rivera herself called herself a “butterfly”.

After staring at her for a few seconds, Juan set the butterfly “free” by letting it fly in the garden part of La Casa de los Famosos. Therefore, fans of Jenni Rivera assure that the spirit of the singer was present in the reality show to be close to her brother.

Jenni Rivera was also known as “Mariposa de barrio”, there is even a song that is called that which is inspired by the life of the also called “Diva de la banda” and the same song that was composed by herself.

And it is that the life of the deceased singer was not easy at all, despite having been the most famous woman in regional Mexican music, The missing “Diva de la banda” had a life full of pain and violence marked her.

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