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The holiday planner 2023 – this is how you maximize this year’s leave

2022 was the employer’s year from a vacation point of view – but 2023 looks somewhat brighter for the employee. With slightly more advantageously placed red days, there are good opportunities to get a long holiday with a little planning. By strategically taking 21 vacation days, you can get 52 days off on 6 occasions during the year, and by taking 27 vacation days, you can instead get a full 62 days off on the same occasions. Ticket has developed tips and advice to maximize this year’s holiday plans in 2023.

Swedes’ wanderlust and longing for new experiences is strong. With a little planning and foresight, it is possible to both find bargains for travel and avoid having to take too many vacation days in 2023.

Many Swedes would have liked to celebrate Christmas and New Year at a sandy beach but did not manage to get away. In 2023, you have a new chance, and then the red days of Christmas also fall in a more advantageous way than in 2022 for all workers, where 3 days of holiday withdrawal gives 9 consecutive days off. Many travel companies have already started releasing 2023 winter trips for those who want to be out in good time. Easter is also a popular weekend to travel to warmer latitudes and gives holidaymakers 10 days off at 4 days holiday withdrawal.

This is how you maximize your 2023 holiday days

Easter: 10 days off (take 4 vacation days, April 3-6 or April 11-14)
May 1: 9 days off (take 4 vacation days, May 2-5)
Ascension: 4 days off (take 1 holiday day, 19 May) or 9 days off (take 4 holiday days, 15-17 + 19 May)
National Day: 4 days off (take 1 vacation days, June 5) or 9 days off (take 4 vacation days, June 5 + 7-9)
Midsummer: 9 days off (take 4 vacation days, June 19-22)
Christmas & New Year: 9 days off (take 3 vacation days, December 27-29) or 16 days off (take 7 vacation days, December 27-29 + January 2-5)

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