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The historical goof of ‘Tell me how it happened’ that we have taken 20 years to realize

We have spent many seasons of Tell me how it happened, and until now we have not noticed a curious failure during any of the episodes broadcast.

The series that has been on the air for so many years made a tremendous mistake anachronistic that nobody knew how to see then.

“Toni Alcántara can be considered the first fan of an NBA team in Spain,” says Twitter

Tell me how it happened It is the oldest series on our television and the most watched on the public network, but you have never noticed a mistake. It has been an Internet user in the bird network who has alerted all the faithful followers of the fiction starring Imanol Arias and Ana Duato.

«In Toni Y Carlitos Alcántara’s room you can see a @warriors pennant. In a chapter of the 2nd season (set in 1969) it is perfectly observed«wrote the tweeter Álvaro on the Twitter network while watching a rehash of Tell me how it happened in Clan.

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Golden State Warriors is a professional basketball team that plays in the NBA based in Oakland, California, founded in 1946.

However, the image that the Internet user transports to social networks, and that has gone viral like wildfire, was based on the year 1969, corresponding to the second season of the series, and at that time it had not yet acquired that name.

This anachronism of the series has been shared by several faithful followers of TVE’s fiction on social networks:

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Did you notice this historic glitch or did you just discover it?

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Source and images: Twitter / TVE

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