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The hidden side of Mexicans in Europe: Carlos Salcedo revealed the reasons why he returned to Liga MX

Salcedo had a good performance in the Bundesliga.

Photo: CHRISTOF STACHE / Getty Images

Carlos Salcedo painted to be one of the most renowned defenders and projection of the Mexican National Team. The Aztec went to Europe and managed to accumulate a good number of games. But the former Chivas de Guadalajara player confessed his reasons for leaving the Old Continent to return to Liga MX.

Despite the fact that Salcedo left very good numbers in German football, his non-EU status was a factor that always worked against him. This is a feature that undoubtedly currently affects players like Johan Vasquez.

No, the truth is that I do not regret it, at times there (Europe) I suffered a lot of frustration. The Mexican player goes a bit down when it comes to competing with a European player in a matter of passport. I came from doing things well, to have a wonderful year with Frankfurt, starting almost the entire tournament, to win the German Cup and then came the World Cup“, explained the defender in an interview with Fox Sports.

Carlos Salcedo did not leave bad numbers in European football. The Mexican played for Fiorentina of Italy and Eintracht Frankfurt of Germany. Between the two teams, the Aztec played 52 matches and was inside the field in little more than 4,000 minutes.

UANL Tigers “rescued” Salcedo

After being affected by the weight of his passport, Salcedo preferred to return to Liga MX upon receiving the opportunity to play with Tigres de la UANL. The feline group was directed by Ricardo Ferretti and there Salcedo played more than 100 games.

“Economic is also important, I don’t regret it. At that moment Miguel Ángel Garza and Tuca Ferretti offered me to return to Tigres and although it was a difficult decision, I ended up making it because despite those almost four years that I did very well in Europe, I never had that option to go to another team for the community passport“, he concluded.

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