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the heritage of the moors that you shouldn’t miss

The city of Granada, topped by its magnificent Alhambra, was for centuries the capital of the Muslim Zirid and Nasrid kingdoms. Even within the scope of the so-called Christian reconquest, in the Iberian Peninsula, it was still and always resisting the enemy. Only in 1492 did it fall into the hands of the so-called Catholic kings (Fernando and Isabel de Castela). However, Granada never lost its Muslim matrix.

Located in the south of Spain, between the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, it has become a popular tourist centre, where centuries-old history can be breathed in every corner. A destination full of sun, history and much to see.

Visit Granada and the surrounding region

A small city also has its advantages, and one of them is the fact that you can visit its most emblematic places with very little effort. In fact, you can visit Granada in just two days, although you can extend this itinerary in any way that suits you best.

Day 1

Sacromonte and Albaicin

Sacromonte is one of the 6 clays belonging to Albaicín, in the extreme right of Granada. It is known as the “gypsy neighborhood” of the city thanks to the history it contains and also to the population that, nowadays, lives there. It was there that several gypsy families settled after the Christian conquest of Granada in 1492.

This is also one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in the city thanks to its houses dug into the mountain that, in fact, resemble traditional dwellings. Sacromonte is characterized by the joy in the streets, where music is always found in every corner – especially the zambras, the traditional flamengo dances.

visit the Sacromonte Abbey and still the Museum Cuevas de Sacromontewhere you can find out about all the history of this traditional neighborhood and then head to Albaicín, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

This neighborhood, in turn, is also seen as the “Arab heart” of Granada, which, in itself, already says a lot about its appearance and way of life. There are buildings of Arab origin, extremely worked windows and doors and streets that narrow along its length.

Make sure you visit Plaza Larga, which crosses Puerta de las Pesas and passes by the San Nicolás viewpoint. Afterwards, let yourself be enchanted by the Carmen-Museo Max Moreau, a house-museum that belonged to Moreau, a Belgian painter who lived in Granada and who gave up his home for people to visit later – nowadays admission is free .

Did we already tell you that from the San Nicolás viewpoint you can see the Alhambra? Discover this legendary city.

From the outside, the Alhambra looks like nothing more than a medina, that is, a city bounded by high walls, resembling a fortress. But the truth is that the city is much more than that, being one of the most visited places in the world today.

The beauty is such that you should reserve a whole day to visit this Arab heritage that, from construction to decoration, surprises anyone. Once inside, you’ll find several gardens, palaces and even a fortress.

Most of the city was built by the Nazarí, the last Muslim dynasty to rule the Kingdom of Granada – hence its strong influence. Get ready to discover a true “parallel world” and make sure you visit the most iconic places in the Alhambra.

generalife palace

Perhaps the best known palace in the city. The Generalife was the summer residence of the emirs of Granada, that is, the rulers of the time. It is in this Palace that you will undoubtedly find the most beautiful gardens in the Alhambra. Don’t waste time looking for it: the Palace is very close to the entrance, in the highest part of the city.


This is the city’s fortress and, at the same time, the oldest part of it. It is located in the lowest part of the Alhambra and it is there that you can find the best views over the Sierra Nevada – and even over Granada.

Palace of Charles V

It is impossible to remain indifferent, given its immensity and architecture. This Renaissance Palace is also home to the Alhambra Museum (which we also recommend visiting).

Nazarene Palaces

Next to the Alhambra Museum, there are the Palacios Nazaríes, a set of three palaces, considered the greatest legacy of Al-Andalus (also known as the Iberian Peninsula, nowadays).

In addition to being able to plan your own itinerary, you can also choose guided tours to the city, from €69.

Panoramic view of sierra nevada

Day 3

Sierra Nevada, Malaga and Seville

Book a few more days and be sure to visit other outstanding places in the Andalusia.

sierra nevada

As well as surrounding the city of Granada, the Sierra Nevada is one of the favorite places for fans of extreme winter sports. It’s the perfect place to do ski or snowboardor even to spend one or more days in the middle of the snow.


In just over an hour, coming from Granada, you reach Malagaanother of the Andalusian cities recommended for spending holidays near the sea.


Seville is 2h30 from Granada and is also a historic city, surrounded by monuments and buildings that, we guarantee, you will never forget.

Granada, in the heart of southern Spain, is an easy drive. However, if you want to go by plane, the city is served by Federico García Lorca Airport, located 15 kilometers west of the urban center. It opened in 1973 and was renovated in the 1990s.

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