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The hardest zodiac signs to break

Getting evicted is difficult. However, it’s harder to be on the other side when you really care and love someone. They will have room for resentment since you broke their heart. But, who will you blame? Even if you are in control, there is always the feeling of sadness, anguish or guilt that can eat you up from the inside. Here we have the zodiac signs that are the hardest to break.

You know the love for them was real and true. Maybe you still love them, but you have your valid reasons for the breakup. It can be terribly depressing at times. While separation is difficult for everyone, it is often more difficult for some and it is not easy to move on. Simply telling them it’s not working anymore isn’t enough for them, especially if their feelings have changed. So here are some zodiac signs that are harder to break.

Many recognize Cancer men and women for their loyalty and protection. Commitment to life is the motto of your friendship or relationship life. These natives love having someone to care for as they love to nurture. So if they don’t have someone to care for, they feel lost and empty.

Being in a relationship with this zodiac sign can be very fulfilling and one of the greatest experiences ever, as they are very sentimental people and love deeply. Because of this, they are more likely to get stuck on their exes and find it very difficult to move on. So for the partner to be away from them can be downright challenging. Thus, these are at the top of the zodiac signs and are more difficult to separate.

Leaving the past behind is not an easy task for Cancer men and women. Therefore, they often find themselves reminiscing and wondering what could have happened. They will try to convince their ex-partners the same through long text messages and drunk late-night calls long after the breakup.

2. Pisces

Emotions and feelings are very important when it comes to Pisces. They know how to make someone feel special and put all their heart and soul into a relationship. Because of their idealistic nature, these natives create a beautiful world in their heads, where everything is perfect or nothing is wrong. So when their partners try to break up with them, they feel like their world is falling apart.

Because of their sharp intuition, they already notice the breakup long before it arrives and plan ways to save their relationship. Thus, these natives are one of the few signs that are more difficult to break. Moving on is not easy for them.

And they try to cling to their partners as long as possible, in addition to being in denial. They will try their best to save the relationship with impromptu nights and long text messages expressing their love. Not only that, they even show how grateful they are for their partners, making it extremely difficult to create distance.

3. Scorpio

People know Scorpio for their determination, and if they want something, they get it. They are very goal-oriented and rarely stray from their path. Relentless by nature, they go after what they want nonstop. Your stubbornness knows no bounds. Therefore, these are one of the most difficult zodiac signs to break.

Accepting the fact that there is no more love between them and their partners and moving on is not acceptable to them. Like everything, they will tirelessly try to convince their partner that they can still work it out and that it’s not over yet. In addition, these natives are also very loyal people and will never intentionally hurt anyone. Because of this, it is equally difficult for them to forgive.

Scorpio men and women love passionately and hate with everything. So if they feel they have been wronged in their relationship, they will hold resentment for a long time and even try to get revenge.

4. twins

Gemini has a strong sense of individuality and likes to dictate their own life. They are smart and intelligent and always have something witty to say at all times. Because of this, they are very friendly in social settings. Being in a relationship with them can be extremely fun and hectic as they never stop having fun. But they can also be very possessive of their partners, making it more difficult to break up with them.

Gemini men and women love to be the dominant in the relationship and will want to be in control of the relationship. So they won’t make it easy for their partners to break up with them because they can’t let them have the last laugh. Moving on is very difficult for them, and you can expect a Gemini to still be in love with their first partner.

Also, Geminis can be very persuasive, to the point of being manipulative, and they will certainly use this to change their partner’s mind. Because of this, keeping up with a Gemini can be very difficult.

5. Libra

Libras are known for being fair and are always ready to stand up for justice. They believe in equality and will give as much love as they receive. Because of this, these natives can be very understanding in certain situations. But when it comes to breaking up and moving on, they struggle a bit. Because they believe in equality and fairness, they feel they have done all the right things in the relationship and cannot understand any reason for the breakup.

Libra men and women are passive-aggressive by nature. Therefore, they will try to reason with their partners and try to convince them to make the relationship work no matter what. In addition, they may also try to create an argument by trying to defend themselves, and that argument can escalate into a bigger fight.

Furthermore, Libras are also known to have anger issues and can end up punching the wall when the breakup occurs. Because they don’t like things away from them, so they’re one of the hardest signs to break up with.

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