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The Grupero King already likes someone inside The House of Famous 3: Madison Anderson!

Enough days have already passed for the friction in the reality show of Telemundo intensify. If anyone has been able to apply this premise, it is the Mexican Group King. Even though he already made it clear that he is interested in one of her classmates, for whom seems to have a taste above the rest.

It would be Miss Puerto Rico, Madison Anderson. The same one that is nominated but by whom Cynthia Klitbo’s ex walks literally, drooling. “It seems spectacular to me. She raises the lowest instincts in me… But if there were no cameras, it would be another roll, dude… ‘La Guarever’ likes me even if she doesn’t say so, ”he assured Group King to the rest of his classmates LCDLF 3 among those who were john rivera Y Arturo Carmona.

In addition, she has not stopped throwing hints at the Puerto Rican model: “… Conne… a girl at full force, eh if she were single… but she is not and we fully respect her. If a gallant wants to approach him or they put in a surprise gallant, I put him in the pool and drown him… “. Madison, for her part, laughs with the Grupero King but has not shown more interest than the one shown on the screen.

But this has not been the only episode that has starred Group King. Another would be with his partner Raul, with which it was said even of the evil that he was going to die. “Don’t take courage for the rules. As you can see, compadre, I’m not afraid of anything or anyone… I don’t trust you, dude, because you’re a bootlicker, dad”.

Even so, Group King He apologized to the whole house for the tense moment that made them live when arguing with Raul Garcia and generate stress in everyone present. Osmel Sousa He applauded the feat and told him: “The best thing you could do. It belongs to a man and a leader”.

Apparently and as explained Madison Andersonwhom Group King He has an eye on him, it turns out that he was annoyed that Raúl told him that he was the Superhero Pedorro. From there began the differences that ended in the strong discussion.

The fact is that tempers seem to have calmed down and Other possible romances are being fanned within The House of Famous. One could be between Pepe Gamez Y Dania Mendezwho were in some kind of flirtation in the dressing room in front of The Materialist.

And the other one is not yet clear, but it does involve Arturo Carmonawho admitted in “Truth or Dare” that he liked someone from the telemund reality showeither. Despite having kissed Aylin mujicait is not clear if he would be interested in Osmariel Villalobos or in Dania Mendez.

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