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The garment you should ALWAYS avoid when flying

It is more important than you think to choose the right clothing when you go out and travel. Now flight attendant Tommy Cimato shares his best tips on TikTok and he reveals which item of clothing you should avoid at all costs when going out to fly.

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Among other things, Tommy Cimato has warned his followers not to fall asleep with their head against the window, as many people smear their hands and other things all over the window. One should also try to avoid touching the flush button on the airplane toilet and use a napkin or paper as protection.

The garment you should avoid

He also advises his followers to skip the shorts when flying. The reason? You never know how dirty it is on the plane. By long trousers, he means that you are exposed to fewer bacteria. However, his followers are skeptical that the planes would actually be that dirty.

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