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The Full Moon of Sturgeon will affect 4 zodiac signs the most

Every time a full moon occurs, the universe gives us the opportunity to close cycles and release what we no longer want in our lives. Tonight and for the next 3 days, we will feel that energy when the full Sturgeon Moon rises in the night sky.and according to astrological predictions, its effects will impact more on 4 signs of the zodiac.

Astrologically, full moons always occur in a sign opposite the sun, so it is common for trigger inner tension and turmoilThat is why we tend to express our emotions more intensely during these lunations.

That of August 2022 will rise, sharp at 9:35 pm ET, in the sign of Aquariusfamous for being innovative, progressive and rebellious, which is why this full moon will encourage us to take firm steps to see the change we want materialized, as StyleCaster.com explained in an article.

The sun is now in Leo, the opposite sign of Aquarius., which means that there will be tension between acting independently or as a team. And it is that the water carrier is a sign that does not want recognition, while the lion is the opposite. This cosmic tension caused by the full Moon will affect the following signs of the zodiac to a greater extent:

I may start to rethink your career goals and in the process realize that something is not right. It will not be easy to recompose the course, however, you will have to act so as not to continue in the wrong direction. That is the theme of the Sturgeon Full Moon; You have the potential to overcome any obstacle, but you must be brave to face them.

With the sun in this sign, you are self-confident. However, the full moon occurs in Aquarius, its polar opposite, so the energy pushes you to look at relationships. This means that you will need to analyze how your associations are working. Those that are weak, could break.

Sturgeon’s full moon will make Scorpio understand that he cannot have control over everythingespecially in his relationship with others. This feeling could make you feel stuck, however, it possesses the power to build a new path. If now you are not satisfied with the way you relate to parents or relatives, it is time to act.

Naturally, when it occurs in your Aquarius sign, you will feel more the effects of the August full moon. Now more than ever, you will be able to focus on yourself and analyze where you are heading your way. This lunation will show you how you have grown and you could find yourself with an important moment of culmination or closures.

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