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The full moon in August will awaken gratitude: take advantage of it with these gratitude rituals

The last supermoon of the year will be the perfect time to carry out gratitude rituals. If there is something for which you want to express gratitude, be it work, family, children, health, fulfilling a goal, a request came true, etc., the full moon of August 11 is the most powerful for these affairs.

At present, we might have the feeling that there are more problems and difficulties than blessings, however, when we reflect on the positive things that happen on a daily basis, we might realize that, despite everything, there is a light that gives us hope and faith, so as a lesson to be learned.

The Sturgeon Full Moon, as the August full moon is known, It is the opportunity that the universe places in our way to thank. And it is that, when it occurs in the sign of Aquarius, it leads us to rationalize emotions and discover the hidden messages behind each challenge.

The water bearer is an air sign that brings wisdom and breaks down structures. For its part, the sturgeon is a large fish that, according to Farmer’s Almanac, is present with notoriety at this time of year and the Native Americans fished them more easily. So this lunation represents a period of abundance and prosperity for which they were grateful.

This combination is the reason why this August 11 is the perfect day for thanksgiving rituals. If you don’t know or know how to make them, here we show you 3 options.

Ritual bath of gratitude

For this ritual suggested by PopSugar.com, you need purple flowers, sage or palo santo incense, Epsom salts or coarse salt, the essential oil of your choice, herbs such as sage, mugwort or daffodil, and flower water.

Light the salva or palo santo incense in the bathroom to cleanse the space where you will carry out the ritual. In a large pot (if you have a bathtub, place the ingredients there in hot water) add 1 cup of salts and mix with your hand, while you do it, express specifically the things for which you feel grateful.

Add a few drops of flower water and the essential oil. Add the herbs and purple flower petals. Mix and let the water boil. Let it rest and when it is at a temperature that supports your body, taking care not to burn yourself, take a shower and finally pour the mixture over yourself from the shoulders down.

Gratitude List Ritual

On the night when the full moon is at its height, sit in the light of the natural satellite and breathe deeply until you are in a state of serenity. Now reflect on what things you feel grateful for and write them down on a sheet of paper. in list form. It can be because of things you have, experiences, people, etc., there is no limit.

With a match or if you prefer, a white candle, burn this list. Stand on a high point and let the wind carry the ashes away while you express aloud or mentally the things that made you thank the universe.

Ritual with candles to thank

The quintessential candle color to thank is orange. For this ritual you will occupy 2 candles of this tone, place one on your right side and one on the left. Turn on both starting with the one you put first.

Extend your hands towards the candles, as if you were praying and being careful not to burn yourself with the flames, and mentally visualize the things you want to be grateful for. According to the site bauldemeigas.es, author of this ritual, you must repeat this prayer: “With these candles that are now burning, I give thanks to the hidden forces of nature for (recite your thanks) and in the same way that these candles are consumed candles, my doubts and uncertainties about the resolution of my problems are burned, burning with them my negativity in the face of life’s setbacks.

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