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The freezable face mask that makes the skin firmer in 10 minutes

The Cryo-Recovery Freezable Face Mask from Charlotte Tilbury promises a firmer and fresher look – but how do you actually use it?

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Cooling down the face is a proven trick to reduce swelling, especially in the morning when you often look a bit “puffy”. So it was only a matter of time before someone invented a coolable mask that you simply place on your face to achieve this effect.

The face mask Cryo-Recovery from Charlotte Tilbury is one of the masks that should give a firmer and fresher look by cooling down the skin. The concept may seem simple: put the mask in the freezer, take it out, place it over your face and leave it on for ten minutes. But there are a few things to keep in mind when using it:

1. Follow the recommendation to freeze the mask for 30 minutes

According to the instructions, you can freeze the mask for up to an hour, but the recommended time is 30 minutes. This is important to remember – if you leave the mask in the freezer for too long and then use it straight away, you will get a cold shock, and the mask will not adapt to your face either.

2. For longer freezing, wait 10 minutes

If you still prefer to put the mask in the freezer overnight, don’t forget to wait a little before using it. If freezing for more than an hour, leave the mask outside for 10 minutes before use, and if you have sensitive skin, wait 15 minutes.

3. Do not apply facial creams before use

Although there are those who like to do their skin care routine before using the Cryo-Recovery face mask, there is a risk that the products will stick to the mask. Avoid smearing by saving the creams for later.

The result

As long as you follow these tips, you can look forward to a significantly fresher self in the morning – those who have tried the mask report that it makes the face visibly less swollen.

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