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The former NBA and champion with the Lakers, Dwight Howard, would be about to sign with a team in Venezuela

Dwight Howard in his time with the Lakers.

Photo: J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

Dwight Howard, former NBA player and champion with the Los Angeles Lakers, would be on the radar of the Guaros de Laraa team belonging to the Superliga de Baloncesto in Venezuela and that have the 37-year-old power forward as a real option for the next campaign.

The information was released by the portal latin courtfrom there they remember that Howard would not be the first superstar linked to Guaros de Lara, at the time the name of Allen Iverson sounded, who was about to arrive, but finally the signing did not finish.

Other renowned players who have worn the Guaros de Lara shirt

Another name like Nate Robinson, a former Bulls player, had the opportunity at the time to play for Guarosde Lara and he even managed to become a champion with a franchise that has a great history in Venezuelan basketball.

Currently, Dwight Howard is having his first experience outside of the NBA and he is doing it in the Taiwan League with the Taoyuan Leopards.

Dwight Howard Average in Taiwan

In the Taiwan league, Howard is currently averaging 25.6 games per game and 14.4 rebounds.; likewise he has added stellar performances with 38 points and recently shone in the All-Star 3-point contest.

It remains to be seen if at the age of 37 he ends up joining the Guaros de Lara quintet or if the negotiations remain solely on that. It should be noted that Howard has been champion with the Lakers and also has three division titles with the Orlando Magic and was part of the United States team that won gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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