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The Flash and the Arrowverse will officially end in 2023 • ENTER.CO

Not even the fastest man in the world can escape the end of his TV show: The Flash will end in 2023.

The CW, the production company behind all the DC series that you promise to see one day when the Netflix catalog is exhausted, has announced that the ninth season of The Flash will also be the last and that with it the ‘Arroverse’ will end. has driven for almost a decade.

To be fair…no one expected The Flash to last nine seasons. The series emerged as a spin off of Arrow (the show inspired by Green Arrow) and originally seemed to be a project of no more than two or three seasons. However, the popularity of the series managed to extend its life and even gave it the credit of becoming the last ‘Arroverse’ series to survive the most recent cancellations.

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The idea of ​​this shared universe came after the popularity of the MCU and sought to create these crossover stories between the characters in this universe through dedicated specials or shows. However, the quality of the episodes and how frazzled many of these stories felt led to a marathon of cancellations. The sole current survivor is Superman & Lois, who in an act of survival distanced themselves from the arroverse as the CW began to cut back on its dose of DC series as Warner Media picks up the rights to its properties by preparing its own series for HBO Max.

It can be good in the long run. Peacemaker proved that while the future of the DC Universe on the big screen is… unimpressive, the future of its comic book adaptations may be in streaming. Now that Ezra Miller has killed any chance of seeing the world’s fastest man on the big screen and the oldest Flash is retiring… maybe we can finally have a story that honors one of DC’s most iconic heroes.

You can currently watch the first 7 seasons of The Flash, as well as most of the Arroverse on Netflix.

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