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The five unmissable premieres in July 2022 • ENTER.CO

If you are one of us, it is possible that you coordinate your plans for the month according to the premieres you want to see: Stranger Things marathon on Saturday kills rumba on Friday? Is it worth going for a ride when Everything Everywhere at the Same Time hits movie theaters? That is why at ENTER.CO we have prepared this list with what we consider to be the five most important July releases of the month. That way you can coordinate what to watch each week now that Ms. Marvel is ending and we won’t have The Umbrella Academy for another year.

Without further delay, these are the five must-see premieres in July 2022

Thor: Love and Thunder

July 6, in theaters

The second MCU movie to arrive in 2022, Thor: Love and Thunder will be Natalie Portman’s debut as the new Goddess of Thunder in the MCU. After Thanos’ defeat, Thor sets out to recover and discover his place in the universe. Unfortunately, this rediscovery mission is interrupted by Gorr, the godslayer. But Thor is an optimist and saving the world (again) has the upside of him if he allows you to reunite with your girlfriend. Premiere, only in theaters. You can see the trailer here.

resident Evil

resident Evil

July 14, on Netflix

The thirteenth is the charm. After the most recent Resident Evil movie was a box office and critical flop, Netflix has set out to deliver the next adaptation of Capcom’s game. Not familiar faces (at least not the same ones from the franchise). In this case, the story will explore the origin and future of the Zombie pandemic, while one of her survivors remembers the first days of horror and survives years later while she searches for her sister. You can see the trailer here.

the black phone

Premieres in July

July 21, on Netflix

I know. The Black Telephone trailer didn’t impress me too much during the previews either. However, the suspense/horror film currently has a rating of 84% on Rotten Tomatoes and the first ratings in the United States (where it has already been released) we are facing a film that handles tension excellently, so it got its place among this list of premieres in July. Can a kidnapped boy escape by listening to the kidnapper’s victims about him? You can see the trailer here.

Harley Quinn: Season 3

harley quinn

July 28, on HBO Max

The current state of the DCU in the cinema is a disaster, but fortunately we have series like Harley Quinn that show us that the best they are doing is through animation. In Colombia it will also be the first time that we will be able to see the show simultaneously (and legally). The third season returns with Harley and Ivy, finally together and in love. Of course his first goal is to make himself known as the best couple in Gotham by creating as much chaos as possible. You can see the trailer here.

What we do in the Shadows: Season 4

July 16, available on Star+

If you need a laugh and you have Star+, then ‘What we do in the shadows’ is one of those July releases you should be watching. The mockumentary-type series follows the lives of four vampires in the modern world…using humor to show us that being a creature of the night is far less elegant than we think. The most recent season sees its protagonists going their separate ways, with Nadja running a nightclub, Lazlo taking on the role of father to a baby Colin Robinson, while Nandor is looking for a mate with the help of vampire slayer/wannabe vampire, William. You can see the trailer here.

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