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The five questions that Stranger Things 4 leaves us • ENTER.CO

The latest episode of Stranger Things is among the best of the show. It culminates in not only delivering many of the things we’ve asked of the series (beloved character deaths, reunions, great music, the promise of more threats to come), but it also leaves a lot of open questions for Stranger Things season 5.

At ENTER.CO we have prepared this list with the five most important questions that Stranger Things 4 leaves us.

How will Eleven escape from the Government?

It’s not just Vecna ​​that Eleven has to escape. When we last saw her, the United States Government is convinced that she is the real cause of the incidents at Hawkings. Of course, the natural disaster and the deaths in Hawkings are likely to stop the manhunt. But the ending hinted that Eleven has returned to her ‘fugitive’ status, this time without the support of the Doctor (who is surely now being watched).

It’s also curious that he stays in Hawkins. The city right now is the center of attention and seems like one of the first places they would look for her. Hopper is also presumed dead, further limiting his options.

Is Will Gay?

Many expected that the most recent season of Stranger Things will culminate with Will revealing his feelings to Mike. The whole season seemed to build on this moment and we even thought the picture he painted was some kind of confession. But the last two chapters continue to build these ‘confessions’ of Will without him directly confessing it.

So far neither the creators of the series nor Noah Schnapp have confirmed the character’s sexuality. But the only other explanation for Will’s behavior this season was that he was being ‘controlled’ by Vecna… which we can rule out at this point. In other words, at this point we do not need so much a confirmation, as a confession to close the issue.

What happened to Max?

Max’s fate is one of the things that needs to be resolved in the next season of Stranger Things. Officially, Max died after Vecna’s attack. However, Eleven somehow (which is never shown) manages to revive his body. Unfortunately, Max’s mind doesn’t seem to exist anymore…or at least Eleven doesn’t have access to it.

One of the things we know about Vecna ​​is that her ability allows her to ‘take everything from people’. The process destroys their bodies (which is the real reason they die). Is Max permanently trapped in one of the monster’s nightmares? It’s also important to know what fallout will be left from Vecna’s attack. For example, in the end she ended up losing her sight and we also don’t know if it will be possible for her to return to ‘normal’, even after Vecna’s defeat.

What happened to Enzo and Yuri?

Stranger Things 4

The entire return of Hopper and Joyce to America is basically left to our imagination. Which leaves us with different questions about the final fate of Enzo (the guard who joins Hopper) and Yuri (the pilot who accompanies him). In the case of Enzo it is important, because many claimed that he was going to be one of the victims of the new season (are you sure we can’t change an Enzo for an Eddie?), so one of the biggest surprises is that he came out of the season alive.

The good news is that for season five Hopper has landed a pretty competent ally (two if we count Yuri… but the lesson of this season is that he’s rather unpredictable). The logical thing would be for Enzo to escape to the United States and now seek to bring his family, with the KGB after him for the incident in prison.

What is the Other Side?

The thing is, we’ve been through five seasons… and we still don’t quite understand what The Other Side is.

It’s funny that it’s presented as another dimension, because one of the things we learned this season is that the incident where Eleven sent Uno to this dimension is what created the copy of Hawkins that we saw and it’s frozen in time. This doesn’t fully resolve how well this works and if Vecna ​​is the reason why they haven’t been able to completely close this door. Did I create Eleven the Other Side? Can Eleven also control the Mind Flayer? How was Will able to communicate with Joyce by mounting the lights on the alphabet if actions in one dimension don’t affect objects in the other? We have hundreds of questions.

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