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The first dates sound for the launch of Apple’s mixed reality glasses • ENTER.CO

At the end of May this year, Apple finally successfully tested its first functional and working prototype of smart glasses. It is known that the device will have 4K resolution, with a sixth generation Wi-Fi connection and that it will be equipped with an M2 processor. And although there are still doubts about the final date of its launch, since some rumors revolved around the fact that the new team could come to light in the second half of 2022, the leaker Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed a new date for its presentation. .

The analyst quoted by The Verge believes that “most likely” is that the device will be presented in January 2023. However, and taking into account that there is not yet a specific day for the launch, Kuo maintains that, in any case, Apple’s mixed reality glasses will come out before the end of the second quarter of next year.

This prediction coincides with the one made a month ago by the Bloomberg journalist, Mark Gurman, when he argued that, although it was possible (at that time) that the company’s new glasses would be presented to the public in 2022, their mass production would begin to be given the following year.

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The software with which the company’s first mixed reality headset will work has not yet been revealed by Apple. However, thanks to advances made by Gurman, it is known that it will be called RealityOS and that it will be the company’s first operating system that interacts largely with the real world, like any other immersive hardware.

Apple has been working since approximately 2014 on its glasses that will mix augmented reality with virtual reality. However, from Bloomberg it has also been ensured that the company led by Tim Cook is working in parallel on an independent augmented reality device, which is identified with the code N421. The launch of these second glasses is budgeted for the end of this decade.

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