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The fastest way to turn on a partner according to your zodiac sign

The prevailing environment, the mental state of people, their physical and emotional preferences, as well as the sensations they are experiencing, can contribute to whether or not they become aroused during an intimate encounter.

However, Very little is known about how to arouse passion in a couple according to the zodiac sign to which they belong.

According to astrologer Valerie Mesa, an individual’s sexual predisposition is governed by the stars.


An erotic head massage or a gentle caress on the face, they could quickly excite an Aries, since their impulses are focused in that area.


People ruled by this sign tend to enjoy physical sensations to the fullest. Its point of greatest sensitivity is located in the throat and neck.which makes them supporters of seductive kisses in these areas.


Generally her erogenous zone is located in her arms and handsso feeling the brush of other skin in those areas raises your arousal level.


Her most fragile point is her chest, so any caress in said erogenous zone will turn on people ruled by this sign.


This fiery temperament sign rules people through their back, Therefore, a massage in that area could contribute to raising the temperature during an intimate encounter.


Anatomically, his breaking point is located between his stomach and abdomen, so caressing that area may generate more excitement in a representative of Virgo.


His area of ​​greatest vulnerability is hidden in the lower part of his back, including the area surrounding the kidneys. Accessing that point through gentle caresses could be an option.


Most of your bodily sensitivity is located in your genital area, Therefore, accessing it with fragility increases the possibility of achieving greater arousal.


Her hips and thighs are usually the most erogenous areas of her body, so in privacy they will get excited with positions where they allow their partner to hold on to them.


Although sexually it takes them some time to fully open upher areas of greatest arousal are located on the back of her thighs.


The calves and ankles are usually his breaking point, so tending to those areas could turn Aquarians on more.


A simple foot massage could be the path to the search for arousal in a representative of this water sign, because therein lies their vulnerability.

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