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The farm 2023 – All participants here

After last year’s anniversary season, Farmen is now back with a new season. For a number of weeks, the participants live as they did in the 19th century, far away from modernities such as connectivity, electricity and running water. At the same time that everyday life on the farm is bordered by intrigue, drama and competitions. The new season premieres on January 8 on TV4 Play and TV4.

Photo: TV4

This year’s season is filled with strong personalities from all over the country who get to test life as farmers on the farm Norra Brandstorp in Småland. We meet both younger and older participants and the age range between the youngest and the oldest participant is 44 years. On the farm, they compete to see who will ultimately stand as the big farmer and collect the prize money of half a million kroner.

Program manager The Farm 2023

The program is led for the third time by Anna Brolin. At her side we find Hans Wincent, who acts as a mentor and guides the participants during the course of the program.

– As always, it’s great fun to be back with another season of The Farm. This year’s season is a fun mix of participants and it offers intrigue, strong emotions and lots of laughs, says Anna Brolin.

When does Farmen 2023 premiere?

This year’s edition of Farmen premieres on January 8 on TV4 Play and TV4.

The farm 2023 participants

Tova Andersson, 34, Childminder, Stockholm

Sandra Öder, Operative Coach, 28, Jönköping

Sandra Göransson, Farrier, 40, Västmanland

Madeleine Olovsson, Personal Assistant, 51, Bohuslän

Julia Joelsson Boänges, Fitter, 27, Stockholm

Karin Kollberg, 38, Hairdresser, Gothenburg

Nebil Davidsson, 39, District Manager, Norrköping

Andreas Gauffin, 42, Actor, Stockholm

Jan-Christer Nilsson, Pensioner, 68, Trelleborg

Viktor Bergström, 28, Leisure teacher, Varberg

Eddie Gecer, 46, Restaurant owner, Västerås

Sebastian Västerlund, 30, Business manager, Kalmar

Cia Stenmark Sommerborn, 25, Nurse, Halland

Christoffer Hammarlöf, 26, Entrepreneur, Uddevalla

Päivi Köpman, 62, Owner of tire company, Norrbotten

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