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the fantasy land on the other side of the world

There are countless reasons to go to New Zealand, and we won’t just convince you with the mild climate or the paradisiacal beaches.

From extreme sports activities to unique wines or even discovering a rural property that serves as the backdrop for one of the most famous films in the world, this country divided into two islands – Ilha Norte and Ilha Sul – will surprise you in a positive way!

Go prepared for, hiking days and more radical days, because going to New Zealand means experiencing a little bit of all of this.

5 reasons to visit New Zealand

First of all, New Zealand is the country of The Lord of the Rings! In fact, this was the place chosen to serve as the backdrop. One of the most visited places by fans of the film is Hobbiton, a rural property that gave life to the village of the Hobbits.

For fanatics, there are guided tours of the sets of the movie The Lord of the Ringswhich can be in groups or individually, depending on whether or not you prefer a more intimate visit.

If you’re a true fan, we think that’s more than enough reason to go to New Zealand, check out the video below.

Of the best wines in the world

New Zealand is recognized for producing some of the best wines in the world, made from the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety. The best wineries in the country are located in the Marlborough region and in Auckland.

It exports, on average, 58.7 million liters of wine per year. It has 10 wine producing regions throughout its territory, where around 530 wineries operate.

If you love wine and want to explore New Zealand’s winemaking processes, embark on one of the many guided tours of wineries and wine tasting there are several options and they are distributed all over the country.

Exuberant nature

Going to New Zealand always means being amazed by the surrounding nature.

It is one of the countries with the greatest diversity of natural landscapes in the world, which means that a nature admirer can include in his itinerary several visits to different phenomena, from geysers, to volcanoes or beaches.
If you are fascinated by volcanology, know that this country is home to hundreds of volcanoes, some active and others inactive, and visiting some of them is allowed.

The most active volcano is Whakaari, located on White Island and you can make a guided tour.

If you like these geological phenomena, go to the North Island and visit the city of Rotorua, located on the outskirts of three active volcanoes, where you can also see several lakes, hot springs and geysers.

In Auckland you can also visit volcanoes, as this city has around 50 inactive volcanoes around it.

Tongariro National Park on the North Island is New Zealand’s oldest national park and is surrounded by active volcanoes, multicolored lakes and mountains, making it the ideal place to practice extreme activities at all times of the year.

Paradise and almost deserted beaches

If you’re planning to go to New Zealand, pack your beachwear and go on an exotic adventure.

Far from international mass tourism, New Zealand’s beaches are very beautiful and almost deserted, so if you need some peace and quiet, you’ll know where to go.

We recommend a visit to coromandel peninsula, also on the North Island. Once on the peninsula, pay a visit to Te Whanganui-A-Hei Marine Reserve, also known as Cathedral Cove.

Auckland is home to wild beaches and isolated islands, if you like paradisiacal beaches and without much movement, Auckland will be your beach.

extreme sports

If you pass by the Coromandel Peninsula, recommended for its magnificent beaches, take the opportunity to practice canoeing!

If you choose other destinations, Queenstown stands out as the extreme sports capital of the world. The city is located on the South Island and is located between mountains, bays, forests, lakes, etc., which give this destination the perfect atmosphere for the practice of a wide range of activities.

The offer of radical activities in Queenstown varies according to the season; in winter it is equipped with ski slopes that attract many sportsmen and in warmer times, it attracts lovers of bungee jumping, mountain biking, climbing, hiking, boat trips, trails, among many others.

The already mentioned Tongariro National Park is full of adventures, from skiing to hiking, climbing, bathing in waterfalls and trails, in addition to supporting an impeccable hotel infrastructure.

And finally, here are two curiosities about New Zealand: yes, it is true that there are no snakes in the country. Unlike neighboring Australia, a country infested with reptiles. The country’s national sport, and a real sporting fever, is rugby. The New Zealand national team, the All Blacks, are one of the strongest teams in the world. Here’s his famous, and intimidating, haka.

Article originally published in January 2021. Updated in January 2023.

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