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The famous comedian Jonah Hill celebrates his birthday causing a sensation on Netflix

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American actor and comedian Jonah Hill is celebrating its 39 years under a campaign about the importance of psychological therapy.

“Stuz” is Hill’s new project together with the Netflix streaming platform, where the actor tells his story, as a patient, of how a therapist helped him face different crises.

This documentary was directed by Hill himself and was recorded in the United States. About the music, it was in the hands of Emile Mosseri and the photography by Christopher Blauvelt.

In a conference, the American actor assured that he is very satisfied with the production and release of this documentary: “I am very grateful that the film will have its world premiere at a prestigious film festival this fall, and I can’t wait to share it with audiences around the world in the hope that it will help those who are struggling.”

This project has the participation of Phil Stuz, who is one of the world’s leading psychiatrists and has 40 years helping an immense number of people, including world-class creatives and business leaders.

Stuz is also known for his book “The Method: the tools that will activate your inner strength to change your life” published in 2012, together with therapist Barry Michels. In this he focuses on innovative therapeutic work emphasizing tools, mechanisms and resources that can be developed by activating our “higher forces” to solve problems.

In few it could be described as a feature film that deals with an interview between therapist and patients, but it is also an invitation for those people who have not yet tried this method to face all kinds of critical and difficult moments in their lives.

The documentary offers a moving reflection on Jonah Hill and his therapist, Stutz, the psychiatrist struggling with the unstoppable progression of his illness. The first allows us to glimpse his problems of anxiety, insecurity, emptiness, shame, from his overweight past and the death of his brother.

Stutz bares his soul before the camera, also talking about the death of his younger brother and that complex relationship with his mother that has limited, in a certain way, his ability to bond emotionally. She doesn’t hesitate to talk about her illness, about how Parkinson’s goes beyond that tremor in her hands, that rigid body she struggles with every day.

Critics of this project have not been long in coming, ‘Ready Steady Cut’ cataloged it as: “A reassuring and moving documentary that in itself is a humorous, vulnerable and ultimately therapeutic experience”. In turn, ‘Decider’ praised the work of the American actor, nominated for an Oscar twice, writing: “Raw, uncomfortable and moving.”

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