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The ‘family’ Game Pass is real and is being tested in Colombia! • ENTER.CO

Well… Xbox can get its hands on the ultimate upgrade that will put you miles ahead of other developers: a Game Pass family or group plan.

Through a blog post, Xbox confirmed that players within the company’s Insiders program are testing a Game Pass subscription model that will allow people to share subscription benefits across different accounts within a same ‘group’. Best of all, these tests are being carried out in Ireland and Colombia. To participate in this early look, people must purchase the “Xbox Game Pass – Insider Preview” plan in the Microsoft Store. For more information you can go to this link.

According to the test notes, not everyone who ‘shares’ the plan has to be inside the Insiders program. That said, people joining the program do not have to have an active Game Pass subscription, but rather must be new members. Those accepted will also see their plan converted to this new family model until their current subscription expires.

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The last important detail that this update has is that not all the parts of the preview of the group version have been localized, so the translation of some parts is not available.

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