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“The Factor is in the house”: Tigres makes official the arrival of Diego Lainez to Liga MX

Lainez will play for the first time in Mexican soccer since 2019.

Photo: Jorge Mendoza / Imago7

Through social networks, Tigres de la UNAL made official the arrival of Diego Lainez to Liga MX, something that many followers of the feline group have been waiting for since last week. with a video where you can see the stadium of the Monterrey team and with songs encouraged, the Mexican winger was presented in networks.

Also, in the same video you can see different legends of the group that plays in El Volcán, where we can see André Pierre Gignac, while Lainez ends the audiovisual material with a few words and with his presence.

Incomparable, I’m ready.” Lainez says in the video that has more than 60,000 views on Twitter. Together, in the same social network, Tigres emphasized his arrival with a more than clear message, “The Factor is in the house, the Factor is already Tigre…”, it reads.

Diego Lainez career

The player born in Mexico is 22 years old and He spent the last four years in European soccer since he was sold by América to Betis in January 2019 for $15 million. However, the Aztec did not have a totally successful career in the old continent, as He had too many ups and downs throughout the four seasons he played abroad.

Besides, he could never find the continuitynor the confidence on the part of his technicians, which is why he has returned to Liga MX, leaving a total in European football is 85 games between LaLiga, Primeira Liga, Europa League, Copa del Rey, Portuguese Cupin which scored five goals and nearly 10 assists. Secondly, in Liga MX where he played with the Águilas del América in 51 games with five goals.

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