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The EU wants to force manufacturers to create more durable cell phones • ENTER.CO

The environment is a matter on which companies and organizations such as the European Union (EU) have recently focused more, from where they have raised several times the possibilities that allow reducing the carbon footprint. In the midst of its attempts, the EU announced earlier this year the new policy that makes UBS-C chargers the generic cable for all manufacturers. Now, the entity is seeking to force manufacturers to develop much more durable phones.

Within the draft proposals it is proposed to facilitate user access to the repair of their devices by a group of professionals; this must be supplied by the manufacturers. Said like this, the manufacturers of tablets and cell phones must guarantee a minimum of five years of repair to their consumers. Within the repairs, spare parts such as: batteries, SIM trays, chargers, screens, back covers, among others, should be considered. In addition, manufacturers will be required to supply a minimum of 15 different parts to professional repairers during the same five years, thus avoiding the creation of additional parts.

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If, on the other hand, the manufacturers refuse to accept the EU repair proposal during the five years, they will have to pass a test that certifies that the battery of the devices can have five years of life. Within the tests they must confirm that the power of the battery decreases to a maximum of 80% during the five years. The Financial Times argues that extending battery life cycles to five years is equivalent to removing 5 million cars from the road. For its part, the EU considers that taking this measure can reduce electronic waste and increase the recycling rate.

Also, manufacturers must ensure that software updates will not affect battery performance. Lastly, a new energy label is proposed for cell phones and tablets, similar to the label for televisions and household appliances. The label indicates information about the protection of the device against water, dust and even resistance to drops.

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