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The end of ‘Stranger Things 4’ had already been spoiled years ago • ENTER.CO

Two weeks. We only have to wait 14 more days to finally find out how Stranger Things 4 will end. For some the wait is unbearable, especially considering that the actors and those involved with the show have made it clear that we can expect to end with a broken heart and some losses in the two chapters of Volume 2.

Of course, what we most want to know is how the story will solve the problem that is Vecna. The revelation that the new villain of Stranger Things 4 is also Number 1 is undoubtedly one of the best surprises in the most recent batch of chapters. However, someone noticed that one of the Stranger Things 4 actors had already spoiled the season 4 ending ahead of time.

User Pedestrian shared a clip of an interview that was conducted with the cast of the show in 2016 (shortly after the premiere of the first season). In it, the actors are asked about some of their favorite theories after the first season, to which Gaten Matarazzo (Justin) responds with one that he found on the Internet and that seems quite familiar:

“There’s this video, and it was saying how there are other test subjects, besides Eleven, from one to 10… most of them are dead,” Matarazzo said at the time. “But others were banished to the Upside Down. As if they couldn’t get out.” Matarazo continues with Nostradamus’s predictions: »and this had an effect on them because they were there for so long. They transformed into what the Demigorgon was. So the monster was a recent test subject.”

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Of course, this accidental spoiler isn’t proof that the Duffer brothers had planned for nearly a decade how they were going to end their story. If anything, the recent season has shown us just how much the brothers’ plans have changed. For example, the origins of Eleven’s powers have been altered, as well as her history within the Hawkins facility, all in order to fit the mystery of Vecna.

Unfortunately, real spoilers do appear to have made their way onto Netflix and are making the rounds on the internet. So you had better be careful and, like Vecna’s nightmares, be careful not to fall into the wrong spot.

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