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The dog that sneaked in and stole looks at the Rayados de Monterrey match already has a place after a rain of messages from the fans

A dog broke into the BBVA Stadium when they were playing Rayados de Monterrey vs. Toluca for the MX League.

Photo: Andrea Jimenez / Imago7

In the heat of a vibrant match between Rayados de Monterrey and the Diablos del Toluca, for matchday 5 of the 2023 Liga MX Closing Tournament last Sunday, the actions had to be stopped due to a rather curious issue.

A beagle dog made an appearance at the BBVA Stadium, interrupting the actions. It was quickly loaded by members of the enclosure’s security and placed under protection, but some photos of the animal were released through social networks and the fans expressed themselves tenderly.

The club itself published on social networks that the dog was sheltered in the locker room. The announcement was made along with a photograph accompanying the team’s mascot, the popular Monty.

“She’s the lucky one, adopt her, she already chose you,” a Rayados follower commented to the publication; another thought the same and even asked to be put on a team flannel.

She was a lost dog, Rayados de Monterrey will return her to her owners

She was the journalist and model Alejandra Delgadillo the one that finally took care of the beautiful beagle that stole attention on Twitter even over the match, which ended up winning Monterrey 2-1 over Toluca.

“Yesterday she got on the field, it was on TV, Rayados kept her in their dressing rooms and I brought her home. Apparently, thanks to the club’s publications, the owners have already left, tomorrow we will deliver it to them, ”said the TV Host of Fox Sports México.

The publication was also commented on by the official Twitter account of Monterrey, confirming the information: “Soon it will be with its owners”.

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