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the developer challenge that takes you into space • ENTER.CO

Fintech-as-a-service platform Rapyd announced the launch of its Hack the Galaxy challenge. It consists of a series of virtual challenges for software developers to have the opportunity to win a trip to the edge of space in a private capsule that will launch in 2026.

From now until October 3, a challenge will be posted each week on the Developer Community page. Community members will have the opportunity to compete in a total of 42 challenges. Each solution will reveal a password that unlocks access to win one of the tickets to travel to the edge of space in the spaceship: the Space Perspective Spaceship Neptune.

The three winners will be announced one by one, on July 11, September 2 and October 14, 2022. They will be joined by a hackathon winning team called Galaxy’s Greatest Fintech Developer. Winners will enjoy 360-degree views and 450 miles in any direction, while relaxing in the capsule’s Space Lounge.

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In addition to the challenges for the developer community, there will also be an opportunity to win more prizes. Developers will be able to win through live events and four Hack the Galaxy-themed hackathons taking place throughout the year. The top team from each of these hackathons will fly to Rapyd Developers Demo Day in Lisbon, Portugal in November 2022 to pitch their ideas in front of a panel of judges. The final winning team will be crowned “Galaxy’s Greatest Fintech Developers” and will be the one to travel to the edge of space. Winners may also elect to select an alternate cash prize of $130,000. Additionally, participants have the opportunity to win dozens of other prizes throughout the challenge.

“We are committed to ensuring they have access to the best tools, support and advice so they can continue to make fintech and payment applications more seamless. By launching this first global hackathon we can not only find and crown the best fintech developer on the planet and more, but also create a place for like-minded thinkers around the world who yearn to connect and share ideas,” said Arik Shtilman, CEO of Rapyd. For full details visit https://www.hackthegalaxy.dev

Image: Rapyd

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