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The deleted season of Paradise Hotel premieres in March

In 2021, the fifteenth and final season of Paradise Hotel was scrapped after season fourteen was paused due to allegations of sexual abuse. Now the deleted season is being broadcast after the rights to the program were sold.

Photo: Patricia Recourt

The final season of Paradise Hotel, season 15, was scrapped in 2021 after a preliminary investigation into sexual assault in season 14 was opened. Although no incidents had been reported during the filming of season 15, it was decided not to air it at all.

Nicole Falciani: “A busy season”

During Thursday reported The Express that season fifteen of the controversial show will air after all. The rights to the program have been sold to Pluto TV, which will add it to its platform in the spring of 2023 – something that the participants have reacted strongly to.

The new season features former participants, such as Jesper Bengtsson, while Nicole Falciani returns in the role of presenter. The concept is, as in previous seasons, that a group of singles check into a luxury hotel and then compete to see who can stay checked in the longest.

“I’m looking forward to Season 15, which has never been shown before, now premiering on Pluto
TV. It will be fun to now share with me the intrigues and the many unexpected twists and turns
that happens during this busy season,” says Falciani in a press release.

Season 15 airs over 12 weeks and consists of a total of 36 pre-recorded episodes, which have never
previously shown. New episodes are released every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday starting March 20,
exclusively on Pluto TV.

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