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The dating year 2023: These are the expectations of Swedish singles

2022 was a tricky year for Swedish singles looking for love with covid, war and climate crisis, reduced purchasing power and rising inflation. A new survey from Match now reveals what Swedish singles expect from the year of love in 2023.

The past year has shown a clear trend. Swedish singles feel safe in expressing their desire to live in a love relationship; more than two out of three Swedish singles today feel a strong longing for a relationship.

The current rather negative outlook, with the climate crisis, the war in Ukraine and rising inflation seems to have a lot to do with singles’ desire to find love. Almost half of Swedish singles state that the uncertainty of the outside world has strengthened their desire for a love relationship. Almost 9 out of 10 also state that a love relationship provides peace in uncertain times.

– A love relationship can be a security in several different ways. Firstly, for many, having someone to share everyday life with is a big part of the meaning of life. The more anxious we become, the greater our need to feel connected with others and especially emotional closeness to someone specific. We can also more easily handle and accept difficult feelings if we have someone to share them with. Secondly, physical closeness helps to increase the levels of oxytocin, our calmness hormone, in the body, which makes us feel safer, says Jacqueline Joo, Match dating expert.

Swedish singles: Determined and confident in themselves

The survey shows that 7 out of 10 Swedish singles know what kind of relationship they want and 9 out of 10 feel that they want to be surprised by new feelings in the search for love – but not by just anyone. There are some qualities that Swedish singles value highly in their future partner.

The most important characteristics of a partner according to Swedish singles:

  • Honest/sincere (44 percent)
  • Reliable (43 percent)
  • Caring (42 percent)
  • Respectful (31 percent)
  • Funny (25 percent)

A true love story is based on honesty and trust if you ask the Swedish singles. Something that, on the other hand, does not prove to be of equal importance is getting married or having children together.

While waiting to experience a magical love story, Swedish singles do not stress themselves, only 2 out of 5 state that they put pressure on themselves because of their relationship status. It also turns out that more male singles than female singles feel pressure to meet someone.

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