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The dangerous ‘Zero Contact’ technique to make anyone come back to you

We have all wished that someone from our past would come back to our lives. because it was a support for usThe worst part comes when what you want is for your ex to be the person to come back into your life, how do you do it?

The ‘zero contact’ technique arises from the need for you to want someone who meant something to you to come back into your life. It’s quite a dangerous trick.because you can get the effect you expect or just the opposite.

This technique basically consists of cut off contact with the other person and make them believe that your life is the same or better than before I met her.

You must put aside messages, calls and physical contact with that person for this trick to come to fruition.

Take great care of social networks and try to let them know as little about you as that will help me want to know more and find out something about your life. It may be that I come back to ask you and find out, or it may be that I do the same and ignore you.


You have to know with certainty that you are going to achieve the desired effect, otherwise you will lose that person forever. In addition, you must assume the consequences no matter what happens and have the will to put aside contact with your ex-partner.

Blocking that person from the networks can help you prevent temptation from knocking on your door all the time, but sometimes it is convenient for you to have her as a friend and know that you are not going to lose her. Make sure that no one around you finds out that you have started this plan because it can condition it and everything will go down.


It is likely that it will return, but it is also possible that it will go away forever. Make the decision well to implement this tempting but dangerous technique that It can end your relationship or give you back what you want so much.

Did you know what ‘zero contact’ was? Have you ever done it with your ex-partner?

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