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The daisy, the flower of fidelity: know its spiritual meaning

One of the most common gifts to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or to express a special feeling, are flowers. But beyond symbolizing affection and an act of good will, they have a spiritual meaning that will depend on the type of flower. Daisies, for example, symbolize fidelity and pure love..

With the scientific name bellis perennis, the daisy is a type of perennial flower of the Asteraceae family that comes from Europe. it is characterized by its elongated petals and a yellow button. Due to its beauty, it is one of the favorite plants to give to the couple, and precisely its meaning is associated with love.

Its predominant color is white, which symbolizes purity, innocence and new beginnings, however, it can also be found in other colors. For example, the yellow ones represent loyalty, the blue ones fidelity, the roses love, red passion and if the bouquet is multicolored joyas explained by the site Lysa Flores.

Spiritual meaning of daisies

The daisy is considered a flower charged with positive energy because its main meaning is innocence. If you want inner peace and harmony, put daisies in a vase. But the strongest symbolism of it is found in love.

When we give these flowers to the couple we are telling you that we will be faithful and our love is pure, sincere and loyal. The message will be deeper if we associate the colors with what we want to convey.

Whites are also associated with beginnings, so it is ideal to give on first dates. The red ones, being the color of passion, indicate that we love that person with our hearts, but they are also related to innocence.

The yellow ones mean that we will be loyal and we want to consolidate the relationship; This shade is the one for engagement parties. Yellow is also associated with friendship, so they can be given to a very dear friend.

Purple or purple daisies are synonymous with fidelity, we are telling the couple that we only have eyes for her and it makes us very happy. While the pink daisies symbolize the feeling of pure love, according to Refugio del Alma.

Knowing the meaning of daisies can help you make the gift more special for the person you love and want to share your heart with.

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