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the cowboy style you’ll want to have in your closet

Texan boots are the darlings of the season, and they leave any look full of attitude. We select good purchases that you will want to make

Bell-bottomed trousers, corduroy, cycling shorts, … There are countless trends that marked other eras and that seem to be here to stay. At texan boots, or the cowboyare no exception and have become a must-have in any closet.

But if you associate this type of footwear with checkered shirts and fringed jackets, we are here to prove that cowboy boots are versatile and result in different looks and occasions.

From more classic and formal looks, the looks bolder and westernfall in love with the best models of the season and learn how to use them.

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8 Texan boots: models for all tastes and pockets

This type of footwear was created in order to protect cowboys while riding horses. But soon it stopped becoming just a necessity and became a piece that everyone wants.

Since Princess Diana, who used them combined with a blazerDolly Parton, who used them with almost everything, today the texan boots are everywhere are celebrity favorites to fashionistas??

Meet the models it of the season, and learn how to use them.

black ankle boots

The easiest way to wear cowboy boots is with jeans.
For a casual look, pair them with tights and a blazer.
This type of footwear will make any look more boring with more attitude and personality.



Suede croute boot

This suede model is ideal to be used with floral or printed dresses, in a very country style, in a perfect climate for sunny autumn days.



leather ankle boot

How to wear cowboy boots with a blazer?
For brunch with friends, pair them with jeans and a t-shirt.
This model in white, black and brown tones will match any piece.



Leather heeled ankle boots

Opt for a more classic, formal style, and pair it with flared pants and a blazer for a sleek work look.
The models with heels are also perfect for a night out with friends or a dinner for two.



Leather knee boot

If you’re looking for a model to wear with shorts, skirts or short dresses, opt for knee-high boots.
This model will elongate your silhouette and make it even more elegant.



leather boots

If you are looking for a more classic model, to wear from day to night, this model is a good bet.
Its heel gives it more sophistication, and is ideal for wearing with flowing dresses or tight pants.



Leather heeled boots

Cowboy boots don’t just have to be worn with tights.
Play with different lengths of pants, such as culottes with an above-the-ankle pattern.



suede boots

The masculine character of the boot creates a great contrast with feminine skirts, such as those with ruffles or florals.
Cowboy boots work with all skirt lengths, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Combine short skirts with knee-high boots, and longer skirts with ankle-high boots.


Now that you know how to wear Texan boots, abuse this trend in cold weather – and not only that, because they are perfect for all year round: from spring looks to summer festival outfits.

If you already have them in your closet, make the most of them and use them on different occasions. But if you haven’t invested in a pair yet, choose the model that you like the most and that you will use the most and rock it!

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