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The controversial narcocorrido singer Luis R. Conríquez could bear his name on a street in Sonora

The interpreter born in Caborca, Sonora, composed a song entitled “Las hañas del Doble R”.

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Although narcocorridos are very popular in Mexico and are being heard more and more in the United States, the truth is that there are sectors that criticize the exponents of this music, because they exalt the life of drug lords who cause hundreds of deaths and violence in various Mexican regions.

However, it seems that this does not happen in the city of Caborca, Sonora, where the authorities are proud of the singer. Luis R. Conriquezbetter known as the “King of the Corridos Bélicos”.

As an example of this, the Caborca ​​City Council seeks to name a boulevard after Luis R. Conríquez, arguing “His great artistic career, dedication and support to the community”which has unleashed a great controversy.

In the past, the musician has pointed out that in his youth he worked as a gasoline dispatcher in Caborca ​​and dreamed of being a singer, something that he was finally able to achieve.

but during His artistic career has not been without scandalsand one of them has to do with a party that he entertained in June 2022 in the mountainous area of ​​Jalisco.

And, according to intelligence reports from the Mexican Army, the event was organized by Ricardo Ruiz Velasco, aka “The Double R”nothing less than the head of the Elite Group of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

The military report indicates that the singer is one of the criminal leader’s favorites, for which reason he was followed up on time until he found the property where the party would take place.

Luis R. Conríquez started in the industry writing songs for fellow regional Mexican musicians. His first album, called “My beginnings”, dates from 2018 and was made under the Kartel Music record label.

At the moment He is known for songs alluding to drug lordssuch as JGL, The Blue Buttons and The Owl.

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