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The colors that will change your luck this year according to Feng Shui

Selecting the right color can make the difference between flow and stagnation, indicate Asian traditions.

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With the start of the Year of the Water Rabbit, as of Sunday, January 22, several changes await us in our daily lives, since despite being a certainly docile animal and with good manners, according to Asian traditions, this also tends to represent a certain slowness when it is daily time to make decisions.

So to make the months flow positively and with the aim that our purposes of achieving success in health, happiness, love and money are not delayed, Feng Shui advises adopting certain colors in our clothing, homes and Work spaces.

In the first instance, it must be taken into account that the element of the rabbit is wood and the color that represents it, apple green.

Regarding the water element, its color will always be blue, but during this year in a light blue tone.

Apple green

According to Feng Shui experts, the color apple green symbolizes creativity and healing, therefore the ideal tone to help us adapt to the change of pace that arises after a year of such energetic force as that of the Tiger, when moving to a calmer one, as it could be that of the Rabbit, the ideal thing to face new challenges is to make a harmonious transition.

A suggestion to use the color green is to use it for doors, windows, or even kitchen fronts, since they are objects that imply transit, bustle, and activity, that is, movement.

Staying with darker colors in closed spaces will cause energy to stagnate and this can be reflected in the fact that environments become rare in terms of health and money.

So, throughout the year, it should be considered that green is associated with growth, it is the color of youth, fertility and hope or new life.

Light blue

In the Asian tradition, in addition to lucky colors that help to overcome all kinds of obstacles so that the designs of destiny are fulfilled, importance is also given to balancing colors and this year sky blue is one of them.

While apple green opens the doors to change; Sky blue tries to ensure that all the energy is dosed in an equitable and not abrupt way in the people who receive it.

Adopting it in our daily lives over the next few months will represent better chances of enjoying good health, serenity, peace and freedom, as it is a color that calls the energetic vibe with its tone of harmony.

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