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The Colombian song that made it to ‘She-HulK’

On August 18, ‘She-Hulk’, the new series from the Marvel production company, premiered on Disney Plus. In the first chapter of the production, Marvel shows us what is traditional in each series: the origin of the superheroine. Unlike the cartoon, the series shows us that Jenifer Walters (She hulk) acquires the Hulk powers from her first Bruce Banner through a blood transfusion.

Latin rhythms took over the Hulk world

But it was not the origin of “She-Hulk” that caught the attention of the Latin American public, especially Colombians. It was an indigenous song from the Caribbean region of our country that is part of the soundtrack of the new Marvel series. In the first chapter when Walters is on an island with his cousin Bruce working on his powers, in an atmosphere of celebration, the song “Porro bonito” by Luis Pérez Cedrón was heard.

‘Porro bonito’ was recorded in the 1970s by the record company Discos Fuentes, one of the oldest in the country and in Latin America. The label even announced the appearance of the song in the Marvel series through its official Instagram. “” Porro Bonito” from our house Discos Fuentes, will be part of the new series of the Universe of @marvelstudios #SheHulk. Big premiere today! “It is read in the publication of the label.

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Luis Pérez Cedrón, composer and singer known for being one of the members of the Orquesta Ritmo de Sabanas is the creator of this piece of music. Meanwhile, the porro is a recognized musical rhythm from the Colombian Caribbean area, specifically from Bolívar, Córdoba and Sucre. This is the first time that a song by Colombian authors reaches the Marvel world, hopefully it will not be the last time.

Image: She-Hulk

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