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The Chivas de Guadalajara could nurture the Mexican National Team again

Chivas remains at the top of the table.

Photo: Sandra Bautista / Imago7

The Chivas de Guadalajara They have maintained through the years their philosophy of being the team that fully trusts Mexican talent. But the Sacred Flock could not reap great results and its players were not taken into account for the Mexican National Team. But in the new era of Diego Cocca this could change.

The Mexican National Team is once again painted red and white. Diego Cocca decided to summon Fernando Beltrán, Gilberto “Tiba” Sepúlveda and Jesús Moreno, the latter was called after the well-known absence of Héctor Moreno. With these three players, Chivas de Guadalajara became the team that contributed the most players to the Mexican National Team along with the Tuzos from Pachuca and Rayados from Monterrey.

The call of the Argentine strategist corresponds to the parties framed in the Concacaf Nations Leaguea tournament that El Tri will be playing starting this March.

Chivas could contribute more players

Although it is already a merit that the Sacred Flock is placed at the top of the clubs that contribute players to El Tri, Chivas’ list could increase. It is worth mentioning the cases of Alexis Vega and Jose Juan Macias, both injured, but that can be taken into account by the Argentine coach. On the other hand, there is also the case of Víctor Guzmán, striker who generated a lot of noise his absence within Diego Cocca’s squad.

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