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The change of Belén Fernández after the Gastric Balloon

1. Have you been overweight for a long time?

More than 4 years, although I have always been overweight (5/10 kilos have always been left over), but it is true that, in this last stage of my life, it had gotten out of hand, I already had over 20 kilos.

2. How did you decide to end the problem?

My activity began to not correspond to my age, I noticed that I was suffocating when climbing stairs and I felt a lot of apathy to do any activity, both leisure and physical. I have been playing basketball for 30 years and it was very difficult for me to play and at the end of the games, my knees hurt, they swelled and these symptoms lasted for days. I felt very limited.

3. Had you previously resorted to another type of treatment to lose weight?

Yes, diets from time to time that bored me and I quickly threw in the towel.

4. In the event that you want to name the adjuvant technique, how did you discover the technique? Did you know anyone else who had used this technique?

It was my mother who, looking online for methods to lose weight, found the BIG (Intragastric Balloon). She told me why she didn’t do something like that to me. At first it was a NO, thinking that it would be expensive, that it wouldn’t be good for me… And she didn’t know anyone who had worn it either.

I looked, I looked for the price and how it was going… And I found Obymed. They called me for that first date, despite already being convinced that he would do it to me, what I liked the most was “You think about it and we are here for whatever you need” and my answer was “No, it’s already thought of, I just want to put a date on it.”

5. How was the intervention?

The moment of placing the ball, for me it was a blink of an eye, I didn’t know anything and when I woke up it was like… already? do I have it inside? I didn’t know anything.

Like the withdrawal, I didn’t know anything and, likewise, as if I still had it.

6. And, from there, how was the whole process?

Well, I remember that I spent the first two days vomiting (which is soon forgotten), but of course, it was within the logic, it is a foreign body that your body tends to expel. Having that clear, everything went very well. What has caught my attention the most is that I never felt hungry, NEVER. I have not had any discomfort, pain, or any symptoms, as if I had nothing.

7. Are you satisfied with the results? how many kilos have you lost?

The results began to appear from the first week, when I lost 6.8 kilos. In total, I have lost approximately 33 kilos, considering that I am 1.80 meters tall and started the process with 103.7 kilos. I am now at 70.6. What if I am satisfied? More than satisfied, delighted with the results. I don’t remember weighing that… And feeling as healthy as I do, in addition to continuing “as if I were carrying the ball” (I don’t feel hungry, I don’t feel anxious about any food…).

8. In addition to weight loss, what other changes has the treatment brought about in your general state of health/quality of life?

To begin with, I soon understood that it is not about diets or regimen, it is a healthy lifestyle that makes you maintain your weight. In fact, they ask me and I keep saying that during the year that I carried the ball and the two months that I have been without it, I have not felt that I am on a diet or anything like that at any time. You learn to eat what and when.

My life has obviously changed completely. Currently, I don’t feel limited to doing any activity, I don’t get tired and above all I want to do everything. I give food just enough importance to live, I don’t crave anything and I eat everything, but in the right measure. My life has changed completely, I did not imagine that I was so conditioned by the overweight with which I arrived at the clinic.

9. In short, what is the general evaluation of the treatment?

My experience has been very positive. When people see me, they ask me and I always recommend this type of method, because it has worked very well for me. Yes it is true that the body has memory, it has been noticed in my change that I have been playing basketball for 30 years, it is visible.

For me, it has been a real discovery and the truth is that I could not choose a better clinic to carry it out. Throughout the process, I have had every professional that I have needed looking after me. You feel very supported and animated, making all this much easier.

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