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The career coach: Sexually harassed at work? This is how you deal with the situation

Being treated badly at work is of course ALWAYS wrong – but it can feel difficult to address the problem. Here is career counselor Mikaela Aare’s advice for you who feel victimized by a manager or other colleague.

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Question: One of the most senior managers at my job has treated me badly and sexually harassed me at work – and I don’t know how to deal with this. If it had been another colleague, it would have felt easier to go to my boss, but now it is very sensitive because he has so much “power” at work. I’m afraid of not being believed.

Mikaela’s answer: First I want to say, this is really not okay and you have rights! Abuse of power and the like can come in all sorts of forms, which sometimes makes it difficult to know when to speak up (for example as a ruling technique).

This is really not okay and you have rights!

There are two ways to go, either to talk to the boss’s boss if you would be able to take that fight, otherwise get in touch with union for the industry you are in. They can provide support and advice on how to handle the situation.

I feel that in recent years, the working environment has begun to be taken seriously by society at large. Harassment is never okay and not something you should put up with. In many cases, there may be other employees that the manager has taken on, which may be worth investigating if there would be a legal process.

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