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The career coach: Looking for a new job? That’s how you handle it nicely with your boss

A new season is about to begin and perhaps you are in the middle of looking for something new, even on the job front? But what is it really for? dos and don’ts about the job search if you are still at your current workplace? Here career counselor Mikaela Aare gives her best tips!

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Question: I have started looking for new jobs, but am still working at my old one. How should I go about “hiding” the fact that I am looking for a job? Can you tell the lie “I’m at the dentist” when I’m actually going to a job interview and when is it time to tell my colleagues/boss that I’m changing jobs. Should I give my employer a “chance to persuade me to stay” before I sign the new contract?

Mikaela’s answer: I think this scenario is incredibly common. Many times we look for further careers when we feel dissatisfied with the current job situation. I think it’s perfectly fine to say you’re going to an appointment/to the dentist, and so on, if you don’t want to tell your boss you’re looking for a job. If the situation develops into you receiving a job offer, then there is nothing strange about being open with your boss about your quitting. Most of the time, it’s nothing personal towards your boss, but rather that you want to develop further. If the boss were to react negatively – too bad – but you should not take responsibility for that.

You cannot take responsibility if your boss reacts negatively

Many people with whom I have had guidance conversations and are close to me have had difficulty breaking away from their workplace, even though that is what they really wanted. I think it has to do in part with him taking on responsibilities beyond the actual job description. For example, “but I know that things are not going well for the company and if I quit, how will it go?”. Do you recognize yourself? For that reason, it is “dangerous” to give the manager room to persuade you to stay at the workplace. It can feel easier to stay than to actually dare to change. Think about why you want to give that space.

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