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The career coach: How dare you resign – before you have found a new job

Regardless of the reason you have for wanting to resign, scheduling the meeting with the boss can feel both tough and scary – especially if you don’t yet know what to do next. Here, career counselor Mikaela Aare advises how you should think and prepare to dare to take the plunge.

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Question: I want to change jobs, but how do I dare to take the step to resign – if I haven’t found anything new yet?

Mikaela’s answer: Yes, this is clever. One of the scariest things one can do is venture into the unknown without a so-called “backup plan”. Maybe that’s why people around you can get a little nervous when you do this.

First of all, review the practical aspects. Can you financially manage without work for a few months? I would say that is the most important, and perhaps most urgent, thing to solve.

Why do you want to resign? Is it a chafing feeling but that it’s still perfectly fine once you’re at work? Or is it the slightly more urgent feeling that “I have to get out of here NOW.”? If it’s the latter for you, just do it. Maybe your courage will come back when you actually stand up for yourself and make the decision. Otherwise, my tip is to set a deadline for when you should have arranged your life so that you can take the step to resign. And you!

Don’t forget to check your notice period, it’s usually three months, so it’s important to be out in good time.

Mikaela Aare, Career advisor
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