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The Cancer cycle is the best time to follow your intuition: strengthen your sixth sense with this ritual

While the Sun passes through Cancer, the sensitive and emotional energy of this zodiac sign is felt in the cosmos and as it is governed by the Moon, the astrological planet associated with intuition, the decisions made with the sixth sense will be the most successful, according to astrology. If you feel that your intuition needs to be sharper, a ritual can help you strengthen it.

The 2022 Cancer season is particularly special because of the astrological weather that accompanies it. Mars, the planet of action and passion, and Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, are in the impulsive sign of Aries. This composition amplifies the energy of Cancer, astrologer Imani Quinn explained to Mind Body Green.

And as the era of the crab begins with the summer solstice, there is a spirit of change in the air. According to Quinn, It gives us the opportunity to live a new beginning, and if you do not want to err on the path you are going to choose, the best thing is to follow your intuition..

Ritual for the season of Cancer 2022

The astrologer commented that the era of Cancer is a good time to work with water, after all, this sign belongs to that element. The vital liquid, spiritually, may be able to stimulate emotions and intuitionif you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the sea, a pool, river or any body of water will now serve as an energy healing ritual.

A powerful ritual that you can do in this season is the one that we review below. Imani Quinn, who suggested this recipe, says that it will be more powerful if we make it on a full or new moon.

The materials to use are: aromatic plants such as rosemary, mint, eucalyptus, orange, etc., essential oils, candles, incense, Epsom salts, tea bags, the quartz you have on hand and moon water.

Light the candles and incense with a match, while you do so, take the quartz with your hands and establish an intention that in this case will be to strengthen your intuition to make the best decisions. If you have a bathtub, mix the aromatic plants, essential oils, salts, tea bags and moon water in hot water and immerse yourself. If you don’t have a bathtub, mix all the elements in a bucket with hot water and put your feet in it.

Once in the tub or your feet are in the hot water, do a meditation exercise to focus your mind on the ritual’s intent. When you finish, thank the universe and water your home or garden plants with water, as long as the materials you used do not have synthetic elements.

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